York - Historic Capital of the North

“York Historic Capital of the North

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Michael Portillo travels back in time, mingles with Roman Soldiers and sheds some light on Anglo Saxon York. He also visits a Viking Street and describes Viking York (Jorvik) includes the Norman influence and the siege of York of 1644. In this TV hour programme Michael Portillo discovers why York is referred to as the Historic Capital of the North.

Director: Aidan Doyle
Presenter: Michael Portillo
Writer: Aidan Doyle
Associate Producer: Bernard Walton
Lighting Cameraman: Josh White
Sound Recording: Mike Leigh Cooper
Script Editor: Pat Mc Teigue
Location Manager:David Doyle
Location Guide: James Trewhitt
Post Production: Ken Tuohy / Niall Jones
Broadcaster/Studio: Unicorn Films
Language: English
Run Time: 54 mins TV hour
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2015