Dublin Medieval Charm / Georgian Splendour ( DVD Version )

Dublin Medieval Charm / Georgian Splendour ( DVD Version )




This award winning DVD documentary film on Dublin is presented and narrated by Cathal O’Shannon, one of Ireland’s best known and respected documentary film presenter. The film, with a captivating music score by Ken Tuohy, is an ideal reference for tourists, students and all who live in Dublin or visit this great city.

The Vikings landed north of Dublin on Lambay Island in 795 A.D. Half a century later their boats sailed up the River Liffey. They settled on its banks and named their settlement Dyfflin. Two centuries later the Normans invaded Ireland.

Cathal O’Shannon’s superb narration, together with realistic illustrations, captures the atmosphere of these periods in Dublin’s turbulent history.

The history of Christ Church and St. Patrick’s Cathedrals is covered in great detail. Cathal visits Trinity College, home of the Book of Kells and covers the history of Gandon’s famous buildings, The Custom House, The Four Courts and Parliament Buildings.
Cathal takes a horse and carriage trip around the great Georgian Squares, Fitzwilliam and Merrion and outlines their history. Also covered is the rise and fall of Charles Stewart Parnell, the Phoenix Park murders of 1882, the 1913 workers strike and the Howth Gun Running episode culminating in the events of Easter Week 1916. This is illustrated with a superb collection of photographs courtesy of the various national archives.

In Kilmainham Gaol Cathal tells the tragic story of Joseph Mary Plunkett who married Grace Gifford only hours before his execution in 1916. The War of Independence, the leadership of Michael Collins, and the Irish Civil war in Dublin is also included. Finally Cathal visits some of Dublin’s most famous pubs associated with great Irish writers. He relaxes with a pint in Ireland’s oldest pub, The Brazen Head Inn, and tells of the famous visitors who frequented it over the centuries.

Dublin Historic Splendour and Medieval Charm DVD Film – Cork International Film / Video Arts Festival – Best Documentary.