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8mm Film Transfers

Unicorn Films transfer Technology, was custom designed and built by Moviestuff Texas USA  to create super 8 and Standard 8mm transfers to DVD which offer the outstanding clarity that can only come from full frame scanning film transfers. Every super 8mm or standard 8mm frame of your film is captured .The film gate on the Equipment is enlarged to give access to 100% of the film frame and a unique, daylight balanced cool LED light provides rich,vibrant truer colours and no chance of burning your film. Our transfers are 100% flicker free, crystal clear and razor sharp. The sprocket less drive system ensures no film damage to your precious home movie films.

Old 8mm Vintage film projectors use a film gate that masks up to 25% of the original film image.Our equipment has no film gate and this extra 20-25% of the film is now captured and since there is no film gate pressure plate as such the entire frame of film is visible including the sprocket hole so we can includeup tp the the very edge of the film itself. Our transfer equipment offers broadcast quality DVD resolution 720 x 576 full image of your precious 8mm film memories.

Projectors also vary with halogen lamp strength from 50 watts to 250 watts and more, all of which are extremely hot and can actually cause burn marks on your films.You may have seen films with burn holes. Our system does not use halogen lights or hot globes, in fact our light source is very low energy and is no where near the film as there is a light path via indirect low intensity LED light source that can not harm the film or bleach it since it is not even near the film and produces less than 3 watts energy with virtually no heat radiation.

 With 8mm film gauges there is no major cropping so we can capture the whole frame you get to see that extra 25% more image and this is so important particularly for Standard 8   film as the image is so tiny to begin with, lose 25% image surface area and you will have a very grainy and unsharp film transfer as evidenced by any projection method. Our full frame transfer gives you more image than any projector based method.

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